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Two gaming card distributors that represent ~30% of the overall GPU market (10 million cards / year) told us that they have short supply of GP104 GPUs. NVIDIA is keeping almost all the GPU chips for itself to sell through its own website and its sales channel (Founders Edition).



Also, as we said, these companies didn’t think that NVIDIA would launch GTX1070 and GTX1080 so early, so they are clearing Maxwell stocks in a hurry. But there is a huge problem: Pascal production is limited, so in several countries there is a shortage of GTX1080 and GTX1070. They are just selling old graphic cards!

At the present moment, they hope GTX1060 will be released soon and in high volumes to counter attack the RX480, but NVIDIA didn’t tell them how good is the GP106 production. As we said, it seems that NVIDIA is moving up GTX1060 commercialization, like it did with GTX1070/1080.

Last, but not the least, it seems that even EVGA is a bit upset about this situation.

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