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During these days users are putting this question about Fermi GPUs in several forums: “How is it that anyone with any sense whatsoever expects to use a GPU six years and have it working with the latest DirectX12 games?”.



The answer is quite simple: Fermi is the greatest common divisor of the DirectX 12 API. Fermi can run all contemporary DX12 games. Why isn’t it happening? In all probability, because NVIDIA will never release DirectX12 drivers for Fermi.

Yes, you are right when you say that Fermi is an old uArch, and it is not as fast as Maxwell or Pascal, but it can handle DX12 games for sure. NVDIA said that, and MS has changed DX12 specifications in order to fit NVIDIA Fermi needs.

So, when someone says that Fermi is not capable to run DX12 games, he’s lying. Fermi is a DX12 GPU. Even Intel Haswell’s GPU can run DX12 games …

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