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According to latest rumour, Volta will take Pascal’s place earlier than scheduled. This rumour seems to be pretty reliable, if we think that NVIDIA has disclosed almost the entire line-up of Pascal cards.



It’s a marketing/commercial custom to gradually disclose the line-up of a product, in order to earn more money (AKA, milk customers). Today we are looking at an unusually massive video cards launch: Titan X, GTX1080, GTX1070, GTX1060. But what was stranger still is that AMD is selling just the mid and low end video cards, so NVIDIA should not have hurried.

So, why NVIDIA is following this strategy? Undoubtedly the most obvious answer is that Volta is very close, so NVIDIA sell as many cards as possible before Volta launch. After Volta launch, Pascal cards will be unsellable, just like Maxwell cards. Volta will introduce a lot of improvements, especially about Asynchronous Compute capabilities, and all the main DX12 AAA games will use this feature (CIV 6, GTA, etc).

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