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According to our sources, EVGA could commercialize some graphic card equipped with AMD Vega GPUs (This is a old rumor, I know, but now it's more realistic).



Like enthusiast users recall, XFX abandoned NVIDIA in 2010 not because AMD had better solutions, but because NVIDIA treated XFX like a 2nd tier company, despite during these days XFX used to produce some of the best NVIDIA cards.

If you look carefully, today EVGA situation is similar to XFX one:

  • low amount of GTX 1070/1080 available by EVGA;
  • EVGA custom GTX1070/1080s came after rival custom cards;
  • not the best Pascal cards in the market (Is EVGA pissed off?);
  • NVIDIA sells the - high profitable - Titan cards independently.

This NVIDIA strategy is hurting the partnership with EVGA (The best NVIDIA partner according to the customers ... at least before GTX1070/1080 cards).

On the other hand, a lot of people will buy an EVGA "Vega" card for sure, even at a premium price: AMD users are still dreaming an EVGA-AMD high-end card. Last, but not the least, Vega seems to be a great GPU.

So, will we see EVGA on AMD side?


UPDATE: EVGA - via Twitter - has officially denied this rumor.


Out of curiosity: VEGA is the anagram of EVGA.

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