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Thanks to this official public announcement, we know that even EK will offer a new fully compatible AM4 mounting plate: “The mounting hole pattern of Socket AM4 is a little bit different from the old AMD Sockets (754, 939, 940, AM2(+), AM3(+),FM2(+)), meaning the old Supremacy EVO mounting plate is not compatible with Socket AM4! We now offer redesigned Mounting plate and updated Supremacy EVO Backplate that is required for complete AM4 compatibility!”.



Compatible liquid cooling kits are:

  • EK-KIT S (any variant)
  • EK-KIT L (any revision; any variant)
  • EK-KIT P (any variant)
  • EK-KIT X (any variant)



The RyZen hype is very strong today, and the companies which produce CPU coolers know that this new AMD product will be probably a huge commercial success: Noctua, CoolerMaster and Lepa will offer free AM4 retention kits for their CPU coolers.

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