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Gamers’ dream was, since the birth of videogames, to share their experiences with friends and even to challenge them: the concept of "multiplayer" was born, spreading around with the dual cab machines in the various “Flynn’s” spots at the end of ‘80s. Do you remember the mighty Virtua Striker and, later on, OutRun and Sega Rally? Clear and modern examples of how it could be funny having a friend against: “Beat them at their own game!”

Then modern times arrived, thanks to the diffusion of broadband and internet, resulting a worldwide socialization: the "multiplayer" has achieved its maximum expression, thanks to computers in primis, and to consoles right after (did anyone just say Playstation 2 with modem expansion?). Where once it might have seemed crazy the possibility to challenge, sitting at your own desk, another player living in the US or Japan, today this is the norm, taking place daily.

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This is the reason of why almost all of the modern games include an online multiplayer component (and, if not, well…Houston, we have a problem here, Ed). To strengthen the above, some game has been specifically developed for this purpose, not providing a classic single player story mode.

EVOLVE, the title we are going to review today, is one of these. It represents a new generation of multiplayer FPS: four hunters facing a single monster controlled by a human player, in an adrenalinic 4 vs 1 style. Its fathers are the creators of the acclaimed Left 4 Dead, namely the Turtle Rock Studios, with headquarters located in Lake Forest – California; the publisher is 2k Games.

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"In our redaction arrived physical copy of Evolve, in the version containing the package" Monster Expansion"; This will give us access to a new "monster" when it becomes available, along with a custom skin for GOLIATH to download immediately."


EVOLVE is available from February 10th (2015) in physical stores, while the online versions are exclusively available for Windows PC - even on Steam platform - at the price of € 49.99; next-gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) get a price tag of € 69.99 approx.

We report the availability of multiple versions such as Evolve Digital Deluxe and Evolve PC Monster Race. A DLC is available since day-one, the Hunting Season Pass, with a price tag of € 19.99, along with a long series of free contents dedicated to the customization of your character.

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