CoolerMaster Novatouch TKL: the 2015 Olivetti's Lettera 36 - Bits and Chips Skin ADV
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An innovative keyboard based on a set of hybrid microswitches, part mechanical as those used in Cherry MX based models, part membrane as their traditional counterparts. It is called Novatouch TKL and, conceived by the genius of CoolerMaster's Labs, it is sold at the not so affordable price of 179 Euros. Will it be able to sweep out the competition and to establish in the reference segments, business and gaming?

Cooler Master  Storm Logo - black

Drin Drin ... The doorbell rings.

<< It must be the courier...>>
<< How did you know that? >>
<< Well, Carlotta barks in a so desperate way when she sees it, as the gate divides her teeth and the leg of the guy >>.

Poor soul, what a suffering it must be for her ...

<< But, has she ever bitten anyone? >>
<< Well, not that I know ... but, if you want, we can try! >>
<< Uh, no thanks >>.


IMG 20150220 133502

<< The box is so large it seems that of a G15. Are you sure you have fully understood what they told ya? >>
<< Well, honesty, I was told the product is compact, my imaginary friend. Perhaps, it would be a good idea if you go back into nothingness you came from, else I could be mistaken for a madman >>.


IMG 20150220 133528

<< I would never, ever, leave you alone and, to do you a favour, I will read the technical specification! >>
<< Ah, you're so kind, how could I do without you ... >>
<< It says "The Ultimate Typing experience. Novatouch Utilizes a patented hybrid switch That design combines the benefits of a mechanical spring based switches and an electrostatic capacitive sensor to prov"* ...  is everything ok? >>
<< Well... >> shrugs

*consider this text was originally written in another language, and one of the two characters may not know english.

<< Can you understand my English? >>
<< Eh, just a couple of words ... >>


The classic desert weedball fits perfectly this situation...

<< You are a madman like the ones in the movies >>.
<< I'm not like that, they draw me like this... >>

The shadow shakes its head.

<< Can we open the chest? >>
<< Sure we can, but ... who are those men, dressed in white and exiting a van with many nice red crosses? >>

 IMG 20150220 133713

<< Believe me, these people are here for your own good >>.


<< You need it! >>
<< Quoque tu, Umbra! >>
<< I repeat, it's for your own sake! >>
<< I have to hide! >>


<< Ok, foul, I'll deal with them ... >> the door opens << Good morning gentlemen. He ... (lowers the voice) is there, under the mattress! >>
<< Infamousssss, and now who'll write the revieeeeew! >>
<< Go get a fix, I'll replace you here >>.

The Ambulance moves away blazing siren, accompanied by shouts and insults of all kinds.

<< Finally, they have taken him away. All these problems to open a package - solo - and see what's inside ... >>

IMG 20150220 133935

We find:

  • A USB 2.0 cable with gold-plated connectors,
  • A hundred of rubber washers,
  • A proper user manual,
  • A keycap extractor.


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