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Here we are for our first interview published in the English section. Today we will interview James Gallagher, Marketing Manager at FutureMark, who will speak about the recent Time Spy DirectX 12 benchmark. This is the second interview with Futuremark: here it is our interview with Oliver Baltuch, CEO of the company.



This benchmark has raised a bunch of questions by the people who use it and the enthusiast users. For example: why is the tessellation value so high? Why is the Asynchronous Compute feature so negligible? Why was the FL 11_0 used? And so on.

James will answer all these questions, and even more. Thanks to James we will discover new things about the future of the DirectX 12 and this Time Spy benchmark. Some example?
•    Time Spy is the result of a debate between the main IHVs (AMD, Imagination Technology, Intel, NVIDIA), so it’s not the work of pure Futuremark will: who blame just this company doesn’t know how hard is to do a fair benchmark.
•    NVIDIA has put much time and effort into Conservative Rasterization feature (It has the better implementation for sure) in previous years, but it seems that video games will not be able to take advantage of it for a long time yet.
•    Futuremark is working on a DX12.1 benchmark, but we know that this Feature Level will be probably ignored by the video gaming industry (The next SM6.0 DX12 update will be added to FL 12_0, so the FL 12_0 will be the industry standard). Will it be a useful benchmark?

As you can see, many important things were said, so I invite you to read this interview with particular attention: I think the James interview contains a number of important points to be considered.

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