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The new LEPA Neollusion is not only a powerful CPU Cooler that can bare up to 200W+ TDP but also a must have for all gamers and modders.

The eye catching cooler is provided with RGB LED on the lateral fins and on the top cover giving the possibility to combine it with all kinds of gaming rigs and colors. With the infrared remote control, users can easily switch between the 16 different colors and 4 lighting modes (FLASH, SPARKLE, Autoplay SPARKLE mode, Autoplay FLASH mode), or turn the LED off. Thanks to memory function, NEOllusion will keep the last set LED color after restarting.

The 4x O 6mm heatpipes with direct touch technology covered by the SNTC coating, grant the extreme performance of 200w TDP capacity. The cooler is compatible with all the latest AMDR and IntelR sockets.


NEOllusion lepa pres



    • This CPU cooler features RGB LED on the side of the cooling fins and on the top cover. With the infrared remote control you can easily switch between the 16 different colors and four lighting modes (FLASH, SPARKLE, Autoplay 1: autoplays all colors in SPARKLE mode, Autoplay 2: autoplays all colors in FLASH mode).
    • Thanks to memory function, NEOllusion will keep the last set LED color after restarting.


    • The CPU cooler comes with a fan speed adapter for ultra-silent operation. The adaptor allows you to reduce the fan speed for stable and silent operation.

Fast heat transfer from CPU

    • Patented Heatpipe Direct Touch (HDT) technology enables quick and direct heat transfer from the CPU. It has the unquestionable advantage: It transfers the heat effectively without any additional resistance straight to the heat pipes.

High-Pressure fan with Convex Blades

    • The innovative aerodynamic design of the fan blades produces a high static pressure and increases the air flow. In this way the 120 mm fan equipped with dual convex rotors to grant a higher cooling performance even at lower rpm.

NEOllusion lepa 1

SNTC (Super Nano Thermal Conductive)- Coating

    • This coating protects the heat sink from oxidation and allows excellent heat transfer efficiency.

Vortex Generator Flow Design

    • Vortex generators are applied in aviation industry. They make sure that the air stream is lead as close as possible along the airplane's wings. During the CPU cooler development, the LEPA engineers recognized the potential of this technology to optimize the air stream inside the heat sink: Small spoilers on the fins, the so-called Vortex generators, conduct the air close along the heat pipes. Much more fresh air can be transferred to the back of the heat pipes.

Further information can be found on the official LEPA Europe website.

Availability and Prices

The LEPA NEOllusion CPU cooler (LPANL12) will be available in distribution and retail as of now, at 59,90€ MSRP incl. VAT.
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