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G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory and gaming peripherals, is thrilled to announce the winner of the 4th Annual OC World Cup 2017, an yearly event held at Computex where the top overclockers come from around the world to compete for the ultimate grand prize of $10,000 USD! This year, Roberto “rsannino” Sannino from Italy is crowned with the OC Champion title and takes home the grand prize of $10K in cash. Congratulations to Roberto and all the participating overclockers, who are aiming to return next year to claim the title of OC Champion.

G.SKILL would also like to specially thank our sponsors from Intel, Samsung, and Kingpin Cooling for making this event possible.


OCWorldCup2017 1


After the OC World Cup Online Qualifier round just a month earlier, the top six contestants (Alex@ro, Dancop, rsannino, RULE, Splave, and XtremeAddict) gathered at the OC World Cup Live Qualifier stage at the G.SKILL booth and battled in front of a live audience for the top two spots over the course of 3 days, where only the top two are eligible to enter the Grand Finals stage on day 4. After 3 grueling days of overclocking with liquid nitrogen running for the highest memory frequency and highest benchmark scores, rsannino and XtremeAddict emerged as the top two finalists.

On the day of the Grand Finals, where finalists proved their mettle in 4 stages: memory frequency, Geekbench3 – Multi Core, 3DMark11 Physics, and Cinebench R15. rsannino claimed dominance in 3 of the 4 stages, and ultimately winning the title of the OC World Cup Champion.


OCWorldCup2017 2


G.SKILL specially thanks to the three judges – Hiwa, Steponz, and l0ud_Silence – who dedicated their time and energy to the 4-day competition event; as well as all the overclocking contestants, including Alex@ro, Dancop, rsannino, RULE, Splave, and XtremeAddict, who have proven themselves to be some of the top overclockers in the world through the OC World Cup 2017 competition.

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