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Dopo aver svelato la lineup di accessori della serie gaming M800, comprensiva di mouse e mousepa, tastiere ed un headset 7.1 virtuale, Cooler Master rilascia un corposo comunicato in merito ai case che verranno commercializzati durante la prima metà di questo 2018.

Al momento non sono disponibili informazioni circa le specifiche tecniche complete dei vari case, oltre che precisazioni sui prezzi ed effettiva data di commercializzazione nel nostro paese.

Di seguito potrete leggere il comunicato stampa in lingua inglese, e dare un rapido sguardo ad alcuni tra i più importanti modelli presentati.

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Cooler Master Announces New Case Lineup for The First Half of 2018

Cooler Master, a Taipei-based leader in designing and manufacturing computer components and gaming peripherals, announces their latest additions to the MasterCase and MasterBox series, as well as the refresh of the iconic Trooper SE and Stryker SE cases.

MasterCase H500M

Looks meet performance with the MasterCase H500M. Equipped with two, different, front panels the H500M allows users to swap between a mesh styled panel or a combination mesh and tempered glass panel, depending on preference for look or function. The mesh front panel supplies two 200mm addressable RGB fans with maximum airflow while the tempered glass option prioritizes aesthetics and compliments the rugged bar structure. The windowed PSU cover, cable covers, and support for radiators up to 360mm makes this case a perfect fit for any evolving dream build. Additionally, the front I/O of the MasterCase H500M is equipped with a Type-C USB port, four USB 3.0 ports and two 3.5mm jacks allowing users to connect all their devices without having to search for the needed space.

MasterCase H500P Mesh White

The MasterCase H500P Mesh White will impress users with its clean, elegant looks and impressive performance. Two 200mm RGB fans stand behind the mesh front panel while two optional 200mm fans can adorn on the top, providing users with the needed airflow for a cool(er) running system. Armed with a tinted tempered glass side panel and transparent top panel, RGB illumination will be clearly visbible. The rugged, futuristic look and the structured bar design are inspired by Cooler Master’s former High AirFlow series. With options such as built-in vertical graphics card mounting, a customizable PSU shroud, and various cable covers, users can personalize their build while keeping it clean. Radiators, up to 360mm, are fully supported both in the top and front of  the MasterCase H500P Mesh White enabling users to build a system that looks clean with performance that is even cooler.

MasterCase MC-Series, Remastered: Get More, Pay Less

With the launch of the MasterCase series in 2015, Cooler Master set new standards for internal and external case modularity. The FreeForm™ Modular System gives the user absolute control over how their case looks and functions. Based on Community Feedback, the new MasterCase MC-series is a further developed line of cases that offers even more freedom for layout flexibility.

The modular upgraded frame allows the partition plate and M-Port to be reallocated or removed. The MasterCase MC500M and MC500Mt models come, out of the box, with an RGB partition plate. The RGB partition plate will be available as an accessory, as well, so users can upgrade the standard steel partition plate in the other models with the new RGB version.

Additionally, each individual model is equipped with a light grey tinted tempered glass side panel and received additional upgrades on the specifications like the I/O panel functionality and cable covers for clean building. All MC-series cases will also have 360mm support brackets for a front radiator.

MasterBox Q300P and Q300L

The MasterBox Q300P is a portable option in the lineup of the brand new MasterBox Q-series from Cooler Master. This series might be small in size, but it excels in functionality and modularity without compromising thermal performance. Four removable handles and the DarkMirror front and top panels make the chassis easy to transport and stand out from the rest. Although the size wouldn’t tell, the MasterBox Q300P supports a standard ATX PSU which is not commonly seen in the market with this size.

Due to the cube design of the frame, you can turn and rotate this chassis in multiple positions. The I/O panel can be adjusted to six different locations, three options at each side of the case. Two RGB fans are pre-installed in the front of the case that lets users decide which setup and color theme fits best. The combination of the portable design and the unique, exchangeable, aesthetic makes the MasterBox Q300P the perfect choice for gamers and creative builders.

The MasterBox Q300L is a simpler option in this lineup of the MasterBox Q-series. The special pattern design on the magnetic dust filter will make the chassis stand out from the rest. The combination of a practical design and the unique customizable outlook makes the MasterBox Q300L the perfect choice for office and home usage.

Trooper SE / Stryker SE Refresh

Users will now be able to arm themselves with the new Trooper SE or Stryker SE and build their own gaming experience. The edge-to-edge light grey tinted tempered glass side panel provides a clear view of any battle station and two additional PCI slots at the rear give users the option to mount their graphics card in a vertical position.

Users can make their system even more outstanding by mounting up to four SSDs in a vertical position, as well. Equipped with X-Dock, these cases give you an easily accessible external 2.5” storage hot swap bay for quick action. Enhanced water cooling support for up to a 360mm radiator in the front and a 240mm on the top, together, with the fan speed controller with LED indicator, will ensure performance will not suffer.

MasterBox MB500

A semi-meshed front panel with ventilation holes on top will allow more airflow from the two pre-installed 120mm RGB fans in the front and one 120mm RGB fan in the rear. The excellent thermal performance and aggressive outlook of the MasterBox MB500 make it a perfect choice for gamers and PC enthusiasts. The spacious interior and two chamber design allow users to assemble their case faster and cleaner. The MasterBox MB500 can support up to a 360mm radiator, 400mm in length graphics card, 160mm in height CPU cooler and 180mm in length PSU. Users can show off their unique build through the 4mm thick edge-to-edge tempered glass side panel.

MasterBox TD500L

The MasterBox TD500L will stand out from the rest with its three dimensional, diamond-cut design on the front bezel and side panel. This uniquely shaped edge-to-edge side panel will create special lighting effects from different viewing angles, but also gives users a clear view inside their system.

The full black coated interior is the perfect canvas for a build while the PSU cover and 19mm width space behind the mainboard tray provides plenty of space for cable management. The MasterBox TD500L can hold up to six 120mm fans, provides front, top and rear radiator placement support and ensures users won’t have to compromise on performance. Graphics card support for up to 407mm allows you to equip yourself with the latest graphics cards for your cutting-edge system build.

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