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Silicon Power, a leading provider of memory storage solutions, today announces an upgraded addition to its breakthrough memory module lines. To meet the needs of evolving performance standards, SP introduces the DDR4 2666 SODIMM and UDIMM memory modules. Compatible with a range of upcoming platforms and motherboards, the two modules are an important upgrade for users in the months leading up to a DDR5 launch.

Perfecting An Already Great Product by Staying Current And Fast

Silicon Power released the DDR4 2666 SODIMM and UDIMM models to stay current and compatible with new releases that are revolutionizing the memory module industry.

ddr4 2666 PR udimm01

Ted Tsai, SP’s DRAM Product Manager, adds:

“This DDR4’s memory speed is accelerating from 2400Mbps to a higher 2666Mbps. Silicon Power, as a front-end memory manufacturer, announces our new DDR4 2666 memory. Our goal is to stay current with the latest technology and keep our leading position.”

SP Aims to Prevent Biggest Performance Threat

While the DDR4 2666 memory modules have a number of features consistent with the traditional models, there is one key difference with this release. Previous models’ memory speeds only reached 2400Mbps. This increased the chance of overclocking dangers across many platforms. Higher speeds meant higher risks. Now, users can install DDR4-2666 memory modules onto a platform with a better user experience and smoother PC performance without taking any overclocking risk.

Compatibility And Power Are Everything

The new memory modules, the DDR4 2666 SODIMM and UDIMM, are compatible with Intel Skylake-X platforms and Kaby Lake-X CPU series motherboards. Compatible with a range of devices including laptops, notebooks, and desktop PCs, SP’s memory modules maintain adaptability with many other devices. The DDR4 2666 SODIMM and UDIMM selected original memory modules, available in 8GB and 16GB, are 100% factory-tested to guarantee high stability, durability, and compatibility. Every module is 100% compatible with Intel and AMD platforms and can support platforms at 2400Mbps or less without any changes.

The DDR4 2666 SODIMM & UDIMM are backed by a lifetime warranty promising complete Silicon Power technical support and services.

In addition to providing a system upgrade, this line of SP memory modules also solves energy consumption issues. By using a low 1.2V voltage, power usage is reduced by up to 20% when compared to previous DDR modules. Optimal heat dissipation keeps the computer running at low temperatures for higher stability and a longer system hardware lifespan.

ddr4 2666 PR sodimm02

A Balance for The Common Consumer

SP’s previous memory modules target a broad market. Similarly, this product is for economy users who want the best balance of performance and cost. The DDR4 2666 SODIMM and UDIMM memory modules enable higher stability and performance for advanced gamers, multimedia pros, and DIY enthusiasts who want the most reliable performance enhancement they can afford.

The Future of DDR4

When discussing the upcoming release of DDR5, Ted Tsai, SP’s DRAM Product Manager, added, “DDR5 is still just ‘talk’ at this point. The price of DDR5 will be luxury gear for heavy players only.” While experts and influencers await the DDR5 release in the near future, SP remains focused on DDR4’s excellence. With groundbreaking industry releases like Intel’s powerful Coffee Lake and the upcoming Cascade Lake platforms, SP is updating products to stay current with new speeds and performance. SP’s DDR4 2666 SODIMM and UDIMM offer the highest performance with reasonably priced kits so average users can enjoy a great PC performance.

For more information, please visit the Silicon Power official website:

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