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Silicon Power (SP) expands their accessory line with the release of three new power banks today. With the previous success of their battery accessory series, the company aims to help consumers across several markets find the perfect power bank solution for their needs.

The Need for Pocket-Sized Power Banks

Two of the new power banks, the Dash C50 and the Cell C100, come in a much more compact package than SP’s previous power banks. The C50 and C100 power banks have been reduced by 20% in size and weight compared to previous SP power banks. Size is one of the most common complaints across the power bank industry. As battery technology continues to stay behind the rate at which consumers find faster ways to drain factory-issued batteries, power banks are becoming an increasingly common accessory. What was once reserved for the most demanding of phone users have become a staple for the majority of smartphone users.

silicon power new power bank

Different Capacities for Different Needs (All)

Despite the unknown future of power banks and battery technology, SP released the new line as a fix for dead phones in preferred markets. The new Dash C50, Cell C100, and Share C200 power banks give consumers the charging power they are looking for at the right size. The miniature Dash C50 (5000mAh capacity) can charge 1.5 smartphones while fitting snugly in your palm. The pocket-sized Cell C100 (10000mAh capacity) can charge 3.5 smartphones. The third release from SP, the mighty, handy smartphone-sized Share C200 meets the demand for a larger travel power bank. Its 20000mAh capacity can fully charge 6.5 smartphones.

With an LED light charging indicator and Intelligent Safe Charging, the new SP power banks tackle common charging problems. With two speedy Type-A connectors, consumers can charge all their devices or lend a helping hand to someone in need of a charge.

In addition to the standard capacities and functions available, the power banks pack a number of unique features and rigorous specifications that are the ideal solution for a number of power bank users.

Dash, Cell, and Share Features and Specifications:

·Ergonomic design for a comfortable user experience with strap hole design to enable easier storage and carrying

·Dual output for simultaneous charging of two devices

·Dual power input design with Micro-B and Type-C interface (C200)

·Input: C50 & C100: Micro-B: DC 5V/2A, C200: Micro-B: DC 5V/2A, Type-C: DC 5V/2A

·Output: USB1: DC 5V/1A, USB2: DC 5V/2.1A, USB1+USB2: DC5V/2.1A (max.)

·Stereogram pattern surface cover with antifouling and anti-scratch design

·Multi-level protection (including Over-Current Protection, Under-Voltage Protection, Over-Voltage Protection, and Short-Circuit Protection) for safest use

·High-quality Li-polymer battery encased in plastic body available in black or white

·Fully charges 1.5 (C50) / 3.5 (C100) / 6.5 (C200) smartphones  

·Charging time: 3 hours(C50) /6 hours (C100) /12 hours(C200)

For more information (including detailed specifications chart) on the newly released C50, C100, and C200, please visit the Silicon Power official website:

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