GAMDIAS, a leading brand for gaming peripherals, introduces a full range of products categorized into gaming gears, components and furniture, aiming to provide an all-in-one solution to players’ gaming setups. With our powerful gaming gears, HERMES P1A, HADES M1, HEBE P1 and HEBE P1A, users can control the lighting and unique features via HERA software, and create a particular gaming atmosphere to suit their styles.

With transcendent gaming PC components, TALOS P1A and CHIONE P1A, RGB lighting is provided to catch audiences’ eyes and the lighting effects can synchronize with a motherboard to achieve consistency in their styles. As for gaming furniture, our chair, ACHILLES P1  also has RGB streaming lights and is customizable with HERA, and the desk, DAEDALUS E1, has an extra-large waterproof gaming mouse mat and can manage cables easily.

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HERA software/ mobile HERA app

With installed HERA software and HERA-compatible devices, users can control key functions, macros, profiles, lighting and sound effects on their gaming gears, and lighting effects on their gaming components and furniture, achieving full customization and synchronization. To improve user accessibility, mobile HERA app built upon HERA software allows users to manage multiple settings and functions mentioned above via application on a mobile-device. Mobile HERA can be accessed easily to change and check macros, profile settings and RGB lighting at all times. Gamers can monitor CPU utilization rate during gameplay to assist in adjusting PC performance. The ability to view states on a separate mobile-device screen will decrease main screen interruption during gaming, providing a more enjoyable experience.



RGB backlighting effects of HERMES P1A gaming keyboard can display 16.8 million rainbow colors. The lighting effects and features can be controlled via either HERA or mobile HERA. With a variety of colors to choose from, a particular atmosphere can be established to suit their styles and to catch audiences’ eyes. The mobile-device holder is designed on the back edge of the keyboard, making it easier to monitor the status of CPU, GPU and RAM through the mobile-device screen. Furthermore, HERMES P1A provides 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover to promise each keypress will surely register.



HADES M1 gaming mouse adopts 10,800 DPI optical sensor technology with various customizable designs. The designs include customizable multi-color breathing lighting controlled with HERA to establish a personalized gaming environment, wired or wireless connection to be chosen based on different particular gaming needs, optional magnetic side panels to tailor the shape of a gaming mouse to players’ grip and to bring a new level of comfort and precision while gaming, and a weight tuning system to provide four optional 5g weights for users to tune the mouse to their preference and to match their play styles.



HEBE P1 gaming headset features 53mm HD Driver Unit to deliver simulated 7.1 surround sound. With the realistic and wide-range audio, gamers will never miss any important sounds, like footsteps during gameplay. Additionally, noise cancellation system is installed to reduce background noises when gamers communicate with other team players. With advanced sound effects and noise cancellation system, gamers are provided with a better gaming environment and a great advantage in game. Furthermore, the sound quality can be quickly adjusted via mobile HERA to users’ preference in different gameplay.



Built upon HEBE P1, the HEBE P1A gaming headset also delivers simulated 7.1 surround sound via 53mm HD Driver Unit, with mobile HERA to control sound quality and RGB streaming lighting. More importantly, HEBE P1A converts low frequency bass sounds into pulses, immersing players into gaming world where they can hear and feel the vibe, bringing gamers unparalleled realistic experiences.



The PC case is equipped with four tempered glass panels, front, both sides, and top. TALOS P1A case displays 16.8 million lighting via 3 built-in 120mm double ring RGB fans. With a single click on the front I/O plate, the fans will cycle through the RGB lighting effects. Also, the lighting can be synchronized with compatible motherboards to create a personal style. Moreover, the switchable IO plate design aims to achieve optimized personalized functionality. Users can set the I/O plate on the top of the case when a PC is under the table and conversely on the bottom of the case when a PC is on the table, increasing accessibility to the I/O plate and decreasing inconvenience in whichever context.



The CHIONE P1A CPU cooler has 3 dual ring RGB fans to synchronize motherboards with a 5V 3-pin RGB header, exhibiting dazzling synchronized lighting effects. With a remote controller, users are able to choose from 55 lighting effects, 10 light speed, 3 fan speed and 10 level of brightness to customize an individual gaming environment. Furthermore, larger radiator installed in CHIONE P1A provides better heat dissipation capability, allowing cooler CPU temperature and longevity.




ACHILLES P1 gaming chair is designed with the outline of sport car seat, not just to offer an eye-catching appearance but also to provide full support for users’ necks and waists, enabling them to go through long gaming sessions with lower fatigue. Also, high resilience foam filling in the cushion ensures support in comfort during longer gaming session and durability, with customizable RGB streaming lighting controlled via HERA or mobile HERA to suit gamers’ styles. 



DAEDALUS E1 gaming desk possesses multiple features, including a water resistant gaming mouse mat forming the top portion of the desk, making it resistant to accidental spills, a cable management design to neatly organize all the cables, and four balance adjustment knobs to adjust the height of the desk to match uneven ground level.