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Thanks to AMD Italia, now we know that the AMD PSP vulnerability is - actually - a non existent problem. First of all, in order to take advantage of this exploit, an hacker has to have physical access to the server.

Consequently, he has to update/replace the SPI-Flash manually. SPI-Flash can't be flashed from OS or remotely. In other words, this vulnerability isn't subject to remote code execution.

So, the hype among the forums about a new "Meltdown bug" AMD-Only is 100% wrong. However, AMD and its partners are working on a fix, available during this month, in order to cancel even this remote event.

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Raven Ridge is still MIA in Desktop (AM4 Socket) market, but it seems AMD will commercialize a Raven Ridge 2 APU in 2018 (Maybe a stopgap until Picasso, or a rushed Picasso).

We don’t know a lot, now AMD is very reserved (Even my sources have difficult to say something!), but we know that AMD is working on Raven Ridge 2 APU. It will be probably produced on 12nm of GlobalFoundries, and it will be an enhanced version of current Raven Ridge APU (Raven Ridge will be used in Embedded and Server markets, too. Just like Ryzen is used in Enterprise market via the EPYC SKUs).

It seems AMD is trying to produce a CPU (Pinnacle Ridge) and an APU (Raven Ridge 2) able to be clocked higher, dedicated to the Consumer market, waiting for Ryzen @ 7nm (2019). In our opinion, it’s a good strategy in order to put pressure on Intel and to commercialize better products dedicated to gaming, VR and content creation (Threadripper) markets.

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According to slides published in October, Intel will remove BIOS legacy support from client & data center platforms from 2020. Also, the new BIOS have to be Class 3 Compliant (No CSM - Compatibility Support Module).

It’s interesting that this choice will stop the support for software that depends on 16Bit BIOS runtime. This news fits perfectly with our rumor about a new Intel x86 uArch, ready in 2019-2020.




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Raijintek is always very in depth in the amount of information they provide their potential customers when it comes to the specifications of their products. The chart provided for the Morpheus II offers more information than we could show, but the most important is that this cooler is Fury compatible. So, we want to try an experiment: is Morpheus II suitable for a Fury X?



According to our results, the Morpheus II is almost perfect! The small heat-sinks in bundle work great on Fury X VRMs, while the Morpheus II covers the whole Fury X interposer (GPU+HBMs).



The temps, as you can see, are amazing even in Passive-mode (Thanks to a careful fans arrangement in the cabinet). We used just one 120mm fan, so we think that with two fans the temps will be even better.



So, in conclusion, we are really impressed with the Raijintek Morpheus II GPU cooler.  It’s well manufactured, there are a lot of accessories, easy installation process, the performances are great and, last but not the least, the price is excellent. At a price of 64.90 Euros from, the Raijintek Morpheus II offers terrific value for money (And also it’s – unofficially – AMD VEGA compatible!).



  • easy to install
  • great performance
  • a lot of accessories!
  • fantastic price/performance ratio
  • only unofficially VEGA56, VEGA64 and Fury X compatible
  • can be used as passive cooler



  • it's huge!
  • not ufficially VEGA56, VEGA64 and Fury X compatible
  • it comes without fans


Full Review (Italian Language)


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