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After a nice set of images published some time ago, Kunos Simulazioni has finally announced the release date of the long awaited Assetto Corsa V1.1 update, along with its very first DLC.

This update provides several improvements to the graphics layer (HDR/post processing/particle rendering/lighting) ensuring a superior image quality without any loss in term of speed along with a better AI management (our opponent will finally pay attention not to finish out of track), the introduction of flags and race rules, new weather ("foggy" and "cloudy"), an optimized car damage model and, the icing on the cake, a real FOV mirror.

The Dream Pack 1 brings the legendary German circuit Nordeschleife, built through a laser scan technique (with its own approx 20km and 73 curves!), and a set of 10 cars chosen by customers via survey a few months ago.

ac dream pack auto

"When it was about car selection, our fans didn't make it easy for us. Many of these models had such a technical specification that required the implementation of new mathematical models, pushing further analysis and in-depth studies. The development team went through this challenge: from the rear axle of Alfa Romeo GTA to the three differential four-wheel drive Alfa Romeo 155, passing through the incredible downforce of the Mercedes-Benz C9 and the McLaren P1 (which integrates active aerodynamics and a hybrid system), our team didn't try any shortcut, and worked to implement new algorithms necessary to reproduce as much realistic as possible all of these dynamics, also creating the conditions for future projects."

Of course, the new models introduced by the aforementioned DLC will be available in the standard version of Assetto Corsa.

The Dream Pack 1 can be purchased on Steam platform at the promotional price of € 9.99 until March 11th; later on, it will be sold at the regular price of € 14.99.

• More information available on the official website.


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