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directx12 iconMicrosoft has unveiled through the SDK (software development kit) the Windows 10 preview of DirectX 12 that was, so far, accessible to Redmond partners and EAP (Early Access Program) only. With this publication, Microsoft allows the public to preview a part of the DirectX 12 SDK, together with the programming guide and a reference manual.

In fact, what is actually available, is not to be considered a definitive version yet (Microsoft says "This documentation is preliminary, and is subject to change"); some of the documents are missing or appear to be deliberately missed, and some pages contain errors and inaccuracies, more or less known to those that followed the whole thing.

The developers, professionals and amateurs not able to access the EAP, can now start downloading the new libraries following these links:

By direct and personal experience, it is recommended to use a 64-bit environment: even if Microsoft has made a 32-bit version available (via Windows Update), the 64-bit version is usually more stable and less bugged. In addition to Windows 10 and its SDK, we recommend to use these tools to have a debugging environment compatible with the new gfx libraries:

The DirectX 12 compliant version of Unreal engine remains restricted to EAP, as well as the detailed specification that has not been published yet. Finally, since the launch of the new operating system is expected by the beginning of Summer 2015, we do not know if new updates of DX12 will be published or just available to the EAP only; anyway, we consider that what has been unveiled so far should be a good starting point to learn about the new low-level libraries of Windows.

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