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EVGA has officially announced on its website the new fifth edition of the EPOWER.

The EVGA EPOWER V “The Untouchables” is a stand-alone power board which allows experienced overclockers to provide more juice to various graphics cards, especially physically and power constrained reference designs from Nvidia and AMD.

epower5 1

EPOWER V has synchronous buck DC-DC converter with no less than 12+2 phase layout. Such converter use input +12VDC voltage from standard PC PSU to provide stable and regulated 0.6 – 2.0V output voltage, at maximum loading over 600 Amp. Additional 2 phase DC-DC regulator used for second voltage rail channel, with individual control and current capability up to 90 A. Second channel can be used for memory power on graphics card or PEX/PLL power.Since different VGA cards may require different output voltages, both settings are adjustable in real-time.

As with previous EPOWER’s, connection to target graphic card is done by direct soldering with heavy gauge copper wire, or better, solid copper plates. Due to high currents and low voltages, it is essential to have minimal resistance at interconnect between the VGA card and EPOWER. Wide and short connection is the main rule here.

epower5 2


  • 12 phase main output (0.6 - 2.0V, 600A)
  • 2 phase secondary output (0.6 - 2.3V, 80A)
  • IR latest generation digital PWM
  • Remote sense option support for vdroop compensation
  • Integrated voltage monitor LED display
  • Onboard EVbot MKII controls allow you to adjust voltages on the fly!
  • Update your EVbot firmware and connect it via the EVbot port!
  • Control your EPOWER via software by connecting a USB Type-C connector to your PC
  • Dual 3-pin +12V Fan header
  • 1 Year, DOA Warranty (no exceptions)

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