According to our sources, ATIC (Which owns about nine-tens of Globalfoundries) is in the process of looking for potential buyers for GlobalFoundries.

It’s not the first time we hear this rumor, but this time there will not be another IBM, ready to donate 1.5 billion dollars and the foundry business almost for free.

Recently GlobalFoundries has deleted the 7nm node, in order to bet on 14nm/12nm FinFET and FD-SOI nodes. As Daniel Nenni wrote, “GF will skip 7nm and below and join the ranks of UMC, SMIC, TowerJazz etc… as a boutique foundry which can be quite profitable. In fact, with CMOS, FinFET, and the FD-SOI offerings, I would crown GF the King of the Foundry Boutiques!”.

Yes, it’s a huge market, but will it be sustainable in the long run? Who know?

For this reason ATIC is looking for potential buyers. They now understand that the foundry business is not just a game where the guy who has more money wins (Intel anyone?).

So, before GlobalFoundries value sinks, they’re traying to sell it: “Take the Money and Run”.