Do you remember that news? So ... it was not a BR APU, but a RR APU. Our sources were fooled again by AMD. BTW, we can't always win (Here it is some of our news come true). :)

However, according to our sources, at the present moment there are two version of Raven Ridge under development, one with a 12CUs GPU and one with a 16CUs GPU. You can see the main differences in the table below.




APU Raven Ridge FP5 Raven Ridge AM4
Socket FP5 AM4
TDP 4-35 W 35-95W
CPU uArch Zen Zen
Core/Thread 4/8 4/8
GPU uArch Vega Vega
GPU CUs 12 16
Process Node 14nm FinFET 14nm FinFET
Die Size ~ 170 mm2 ~ 210 mm2


AMD will attack the Mobile and Desktop markets with two different kind of products, one aimed to equip the Mobile devices, one aimed to equip Multimedia Desktops . Or even Apple products: as usual (See Polaris 11 and Tonga in the new Macs), AMD could sell to Apple a fully unlocked Raven Ridge APU – 16 CUs GPU – and sell in the other markets a castrated Raven Ridge APU – 12CUs GPU.


We have to say that AMD is studying these two versions of Raven Ridge, but we don't know if both will be commercialized (AMD in the recent past has canceled a lot of products: Nolan and Amur (SkyBridge), Komodo (5 modules CPU), etc).