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Huawei needs no introduction. This chinese giant has gained reputation in a very short time on all of the european markets thanks to its line-up of high-quality products with a high price over performance ratio. You should just keep in your hand one of the new phones, ranging from budget to top of the line, to realize they stay miles ahead of competition, also being really affordable. The very same philosophy has been adopted by the latest Ascend G7, a full size phone incorporating an IPS 5.5" panel, reviewed by our labs today.


The Ascend G7 is offered at a retail price of 250 Euro incl. VAT (you can also find great deals at 230 Euro - we know it is hard to believe considering its materials and style, and the price of similar productions starting by 4 - and finishing by double 0), it includes a good hardware capable of holding its own against many rivals, and it has a clean and elegant reminiscent to some Apple products.

huawei ascend g7 official

Without jumping immediately on the tech bandwagon, we are introduced to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 Series SoC - Quadcore - 64-bits, Adreno 306 iGPU and 2GB LPDDR3, surrounded by a brushed aluminum shell which is just 7.6mm thick. The internal storage is equal to 16 Gigabytes; the front and back camera, 5 and 13 megapixels Sony BSI with 88° view angle. Did anyone just say "selfie"?


Huawei wants to push the fact that, although the G7 is an affordable toy, it still remains a noble device: even the package is cured, identical to the one used for iPhone 6 (with the very same opening system).

DSC 0023

The box includes: 

  • Power brick,
  • USB 2.0 cable,
  • Warranty and Service manuals,
  • MicroSD-MicroSIM unlock key,
  • Earphone,
  • 0.3mm plastic hardshell.

Dsc 0024


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