Recently we got kicked out of our historic Italian Host Provider due to some lack of understanding: our large database is running along with an old version of Joomla and that Host Provider has eclipsed our site (without informing us!) by stating first our modules were running very slow queries causing performance issues to their systems, and then (after asked technical details we never received) those modules were no more secure. For this reason, in order to find a more reliable partner, we migrated on another Host: Stratagem Hosting.

We were hesitant to do that, but we found out that Stratagem Host is fantastic. They are a lot better that our previous Host Provider, in every way. Not only they helped us to migrate our site, but they are always on our side if we have some problem. As you know, we are happy to support meritorious companies for free (we don't accept money or benefit, and we will continue to pay our domain and web services at Stratagem Hosting), so we asked to Ben Goodhead to do an interview.

We are curious to know the secrets of Stratagem Hosting: how is that possible that they are so much better than our previous Host at the same price (Yes, here in Italy some things are not so great ...)? How can it be that we have never heard of Stratagem Host? On those and so many other questions Ben Goodhead has answered.

We have to admit that Ben has enlightened us about many other aspects of Cloud market. It was a pleasure to talk with Ben, and we think that you'll find it interesting as much as us.

Official site: Stratagem Hosting