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Bits And Chips is not a huge site, we don't have important partners (due to our indipendence), and so the vists are pretty low (sigh!). However, this doesn't mean that we are a gossip site. When we write something, it's because we think that the rumor is true (Our Tweets are made for fun. The news we think are reliable are posted on this site!)



We have our sources, a lot of sources, so shit happens. We try to skrim the bad news, but sometimes it's not enough. But when we go wrong, we haven't problem to say it:

A journalist have to be fair and honest with his own readers.

So, because a lot of users, in a lot of forums, write that B&C is just a clickbait site, we want to show you our collection of some news come true.

05/02/2014: We wrote that AMD is working on new x86 uArch. Ready by 4Q 2016, 1Q 2017. It will be Simultaneous Multi Threading

05/06/2014: AMD talks about a new x86 uArch. Ready by 2H16 (AMD Zen FX CPUs Set To Debut In Q4 2016, APUs In 2017). It will be SMT


05/06/2014: Zen will be a Mini Core, it will have high frequencies and it will allow custom designs

11/24/2015: “The Zen core itself is surprisingly compact and power efficient. The CPU die itself isn’t particularly large and the Zen FX CPUs will target mainstream price points in which they will compete very aggressively with their upcoming Intel counterparts


05/20/2014: We wrote that AMD new uArch will have a new Cache

05/06/2015: AMD Analyst Day: Zen will have a new Cache


07/24/2014: Carrizo will be only on Mobile platforms

01/09/2015: Confirmed Carrizo only on Mobile platforms


07/31/2014: Carrizo will have a dual DDR3/DDR4 IMC

02/25/2015: Confirmed Carrizo has  a dual DDR3/DDR4 IMC


07/24/2014: FM2+ Socket until 2016


02/27/2015: “Core” Skylake CPUs will not have AVX512 SIMD


09/12/2014: Skylake will have a dual DDR3/DDR4 IMC

02/24/2015: Confirmed Skylake has a dual DDR3/DDR4 IMC


04/27/2015: We wrote that 20nm of GloFo are dead and Buried (thanks to Mentor Graphics and Synopsys contacs)

06/30/2015: 20nm of GloFo officially Dead


02/04/2016: Zen's IPC [at last] equal to Broadwell-E's IPC

18/08/2016: Confirmed via Blender Benchmark


02/04/2016: TSMC will produce the huge GP100/P100 Interposer

05/04/2016: Confirmed by NVIDIA


25/03/2016: AM4 has the mounting holes arranged differently than older Sockets

11/09/2016: Thermalright confirmed that


22/03/2016: AM4 Socket will be µOPGA and it will have 1331 pins

19/09/2016: Confirmed


21/05/2016: Civilization VI will have a solid DirectX 12 backend

14/07/2016: AMD and Firaxis confirm our leak: Civ 6 will use DX12 API


06/08/2016: AMD will probably use the DDR4 PHY of RAMBUS in Zen (Up to 3600 MHz and over)

25/05/2017: Confirmed by AMD - AGESA


23/02/2017: Intel could commercialize a 12C/24T Skylake-X

21/04/2017: Confirmed


12/05/2017: Naples and ThreadRipper will share the – almost – same Socket 

17/05/2017: Confirmed by AMD


And there are a lot more ... ;)

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