Con un articolo sul proprio sito, Scott Wasson ci informa che lascerà Tech Report per approdare al Radeon Technologies Group, formato di recente e guidato da Raja Koduri.



Wasson scrive: “Some months ago, I got a phone call from Raja Koduri, who heads up the newly formed Radeon Technologies Group at AMD. Raja asked me if I'd be interested in coming to work at AMD, to help implement the frame-time-based testing methods for game performance that I've championed here at TR. In talking with Raja, I came to see that he has a passion for doing things the right way, for creating better experiences for Radeon owners. He was offering me a unique opportunity to be a part of that effort, to move across organizational lines and help ensure that the Radeon Technologies Group creates the best possible experiences for gamers.

In the end, this opportunity was simply too good to pass up. Early in the new year, I will be joining AMD in my new role”.

Ancora non sappiamo esattamente che ruolo andrà a ricoprire Wasson, e quali saranno le sue mansioni specifiche, ma questo dimostra come AMD abbia intenzione di rialzarsi portando a sé non solo semplici ingegneri o markettari, ma anche persone che capiscono il mercato ed i consumatori, sia perché fanno parte del mercato sia perché sono essi stessi consumatori.

La direzione di Tech Report, in ultimo, passerà a Jeff Kampman.