Abbiamo già parlato dell' AMD Overclock Challenge 2012 e dei risultati ottenuti dagli overclockers di Sunnyvale con questa notizia. Oggi riportiamo l'impresa di Nick Shih (noto overclocke taiwanese), il quale durante l'Asrock China FM2 Event è riuscito ad eguagliare la frequenza precedentemente raggiunta da The Stilt con l'APU-5800K (7.93 GHz) ma questa volta con uno screen valido anche per il database online di CPU-Z.


(Nick Shih e HKEPC all'Asrock China FM2 Event)

Per stabilire il nuovo record ufficiale Nick Shih ha utilizzato una scheda madre ASRock FM2A85X Extreme6.


A quanto pare gli overclocker hanno trovato una modifica/impostazione che consente di aumentare il potenziale di overclock delle APU "Trinity", visto che prima tutti i chip di fermavano a 7.5/7.6 GHz. Grazie a questo particolare settaggio, che interessare il burning della sezione di alimentazione, l'obiettivo degli 8GHz è sempre più vicino.  


TAIPEI, TAIWAN, December 12, 2012 – The most talented overclocker in the world, Nick Shih breaks another record. Well, actually it’s more likely the other way around. World record breaker Nick Shih overclocks again! This time he has reached an unearthly 7930.69 MHz with the new socket FM2 APU and ASRock’s FM2A85X Extreme6 motherboard, which places him numero uno on HWBOT again. 

“I absolutely love having fun with some of the best gizmos around, such as the new socket FM2 APUs and ASRock FM2A85X Extreme6. You can always expect amazing results when you are dealing with these reliable hardware. For me, 7.93 GHz is merely a warm up. 8 GHz ready or not, here I come!” exclaimed the much excited Nick Shih.

The FM2A85X Extreme6 from ASRock is heavily armed with Premium Gold Caps, Digi Power and 8+2 Power Phase. The robust design and performance makes it the perfect weapon for overclocking and challenging world records. Sadly, breaking world records like Nick Shih isn’t something that Tom, Dick or Harry can do whenever or wherever they want to. But with ASRock’s FM2 Series motherboards you could at least overclock like the legend himself! With the exclusive X-boost technology which comes with every ASRock FM2 Series motherboard, users may overclock and boost their system’s performance up to 15.77% simply by clicking X during POST.

By taking the number one spot on HWBOT’s A10-5800K CPU frequency ranking list, ASRock FM2 Series demonstrates its solid quality and overwhelming performance once again. Overclocking? You’d better choose ASRock!