L'overclocker taiwanese Andre Yang ha stabilito il nuovo record di frequenza massima per una CPU AMD basata su core "Vishera", portando un processore FX-8350 a 8.67 GHz (31 x 280MHz @ 2.064V) su una scheda madre Crosshair V Formula-Z.


Si tratta del nuovo primato di categoria ma non di quello assoluto, detenuto dallo stesso Andre Yang con una CPU FX-8150 (Zambezi) a 8709 MHz . E' comunque la seconda frequenza di sempre (ottenuta con una tensione di alimentazione inferiore) che fa parte dei vari tentativi che l'overclocker sponsorizzato da Asus sta effettuando per raggiungere i fatidici 9GHz (possiamo dire quasi in solitaria, visto che gli altri overclockers sono staccati di oltre 200 Mhz).


Sempre sul fronte FX-8350 sono arrivati altri due record, questa volta per mano dell'overclocker di Hong King "Cherv"

  • wPrime 1024m: 143sec 766ms a 7.14GHz


  • wPrime 32M: 4sec 532ms a 7.2GHz 


Di seguito un'immagine del setup utilizzato da Cherv:


Asus, che ha fornito le schede madri  Crosshair V Formula-Z, ha sottolineato questi record con un comunicato ufficiale:


Taipei, Taiwan—21 November, 2012


 ROG Motherboards Claim Four More World Performance Records

Intel® and AMD-based products once again show leadership in tuning and tweaking as they enable multiple new extreme overclocking milestones around the globe


Taipei, Taiwan (November 21, 2012) ASUS performance brand ROG continues to empower overclocking champions worldwide. On motherboards designed for Intel® and AMD processors, multiple fresh records have been clocked in CPU frequencies, SuperPi 32M, and wPrime 32M/1024M, proving ROG is at the forefront of delivering highly tunable and extra-stable motherboards.


Best platform for dedicated overclockers and new records

The superior quality of ROG boards serves as a launching point for their performance mastery. Smart engineering, the finest components, and durable materials all contribute to motherboards that can handle the duress of dedicated overclocking experimentation. Built to sustain peak performance at all times, ROG motherboard offerings further ship with numerous overclocking and tuning-focused features, making them the most favored destination for enthusiasts aiming to push the PC performance envelope. The emphasis on catering to the overclocking community extends across product ranges, and covers Intel® and AMD-based models.


Four new global records set

ROG Maximus V Extreme has become a regular record-breaker since its release, this time marking a new SuperPi 32M high at the ROG Camp in Berlin. Overseen by ROG master overclocker Andre Yang, the new record stands at 4’42.656”, a considerable gain compared to the previous high of 4’43”. An Intel® Core i7-3770K was used in attaining this record.


An ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z and an AMD FX-8350 also commanded by Andre cracked existing CPU-Z processor frequency records by pushing the CPU to an impressive 8670.22MHz.


At the same time, Hong Kong-based overclocker John Lam of HKEPC utilized the ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z to chalk up two world records in wPrime. For the 32M benchmark, he managed 4.532”, while in 1024M his new global record is 143.766”. John used an AMD FX-8350 processor in setting both records.


Further information on the world records, the people and the products behind them can be found at the official ROG site:




Additional coverage of Andre Yang’s accomplishments may also be viewed at the site: