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UPDATE: We have to update this article, because we have misread John Bridgman's words. He didn't say that Zen will be available in 4Q16 for sure or something like this, as we reported. He just pointed out that the online magazines and IT journalists often misunderstand the terms "shipping", "scheduling" and "sampling" (If you read the thread in Phoronix forums, you can verify this fact). Dear readers, we apologize for this summary news, but when we go wrong, we haven't problem to say it. Intellectual honesty first, profit will follow. ;)


Some days ago Digitimes published an article about a possible delay of Zen CPUs: “AMD's Zen architecture is produced by Globalfoundries' 14nm process and chipsets are designed by Taiwan-based players. However, the platform is also expected to be delayed until January 2017”.



According to AMD official statements and our internal sources Zen is not delayed, and it will hit the market in November/Dicember 2016 (We said that in June 2014!). Recently, John Bridgman, Principal Member of Technical Staff at Advanced Micro Devices, has said that Zen is still on track: “Maybe I'm missing something, but those slides just say "availability in 2016". AFAIK the plan has always been to sample in 2016 and aim to start selling at the end of 2016, with real volume in 2017. [...] and we remain on track for ‘Zen‘ availability in 2016 with first full year of revenue in 2017” (Source: Phoronix forum).

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