According to our sources, Intel could commercialize a new version of the Socket 2066 (Just like Socket 2011 → 2011v3), in order to support the 14/16/18 core SKUs.

The new socket will be necessary due to the pretty low TDP (160W) supported by the Socket 2066 (The current Socket 2066 was designed to support up to 10 core SKUs, not 18). The incoming 14/16/18 Skylake-X SKUs will probably have a higher TDP (200W+) in order to work at the highest possible frequencies. Between us, releasing an 18 core CPU that runs just at 2.5 GHz (All Core) could be counter-productive.

This is the main reason why the 14/16/18 core SKUs will be released in 6 months, in our opinion.