According to our sources, Ryzen yelds are very high at the present moment. About 80% of Ryzen dies have all 8 cores fully functional.

This means that AMD can sell Naples SKUs at a very low average price (4 Die x 8 Core). For this reason Dropbox shows interest in Naples and ThreadRipper: “Dropbox is currently evaluating AMD EPYC CPUs in-house, and we are impressed with the initial performance we see across workloads in single-socket configurations,” said Akhil Gupta, vice president of infrastructure at Dropbox. “The combination of core performance, memory bandwidth, and I/O support make EPYC a unique offering. We look forward to continuing to evaluate EPYC as an option for our infrastructure.



Also, Zen uArch seems to be very efficient in Cloud Computing tasks.




As we wrote some months ago on Twitter, a very huge company will buy a lot of Naples SKUs, and the name will be revealed soon. ;)