Two years ago we wrote about the crazy high yields of Zeppelin dies but, now, we are here to talk about the yelds of Zen2 dies (About 88 mm2). According to our sources, the same who told us about the death of Global Foundries 20nm, the fully working Zen2 dies are about the 70% of the total production (A separate discourse needs to be entered into for the frequencies).

Despite it doesn't sound great at first sight, that's a very good news. If we think that a fully working Intel XCC die (28 cores) has a rumored yield of 35%, this means that a 64C EPYC2 CPU has got a yield rate of 70% (8 x 8 dies). Almost the double of Intel yield rate!

So, we are curious to know EPYC 2 (And Ryzen 3000) prices.